We specialize in the furniture of Spanish New Mexico.  Occasionally we will have a piece from the Colonial Period, but they are quite scarce.  We love the “Railroad Era” that dates from about 1870 to 1910.  These pieces are characterized by sawmill lumber, commercial hinges and often have hand-planed surfaces. They are usually painted but may have been stripped or over-painted many times but retain both Spanish New Mexican designs and influences from imported American furniture styles.  Lastly we carry works from the Revival Period from 1920 to the Korean GI Bill Workshops of the early 1950s.  This period is often referred to as “WPA furniture” named for the many workshops that were supported by government work programs during the Depression of the 1930s.  Forms that did not exist in early New Mexico, things like telephone stands or coffee tables that were introduced to meet the new needs of 20th century clients, characterize this last period.

In general, we always have available blanket chests, chairs (singly and in pairs and sets), tables of various sizes, and case pieces (cupboards and chests of drawers).  Sometimes we have benches, mirror frames, spindle trasteros (cupboards), and repisas (shelves).

In addition to furniture from Spanish New Mexico, we will sometimes have interesting pieces of American furniture, folk art pieces and furniture made in the Pueblos or at the Santa Fe Indian School.

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