Lane Coulter and Maurice Dixon began an in depth study of historic New Mexican tinwork in 1985. They searched museum holdings and private collections, ultimately locating more than 1500 pieces from the 19th century and 1930s Revival Period. They initially separated Mexican tinwork from the locally made New Mexican pieces and slowly developed an understanding of the regional characteristics and artist styles, and created nomenclature for these styles. The result of their research culminated in the publication of New Mexican Tinwork: 1840-1940, published by the University of New Mexico Press in 1990. It has been republished three times in the interim and remains in print today.

Our tinwork holdings from 19th century New Mexico include exquisite frames and nichos by the major workshops and rarely, crosses, document boxes and candle sconces. We usually have a stock of electrified lighting pieces, chandeliers, sconces and ceiling mounted fixtures from the 1930s-1950s for restorations or accent pieces. If your are working on an historic home restoration, please be sure to inquire.

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